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Day: October 29, 2021

Corpus Corpulent

A lady quite large bit the dust,
Seven-fifty she weighed and robust;
  Comprised she a mass,
  This corpulent lass,
And early to death she was thrust.

She hadn’t hit fifty but died
From eating her food fully fried;
  The coroner called,
  Wondered how she’d be hauled
When after her girth he had eyed.

Undone he was not by this trouble,
A corpse in the shape of a bubble.
  A wrecker he called,
  The body was hauled,
Though they’d charge him a rate nearly double.

The family found this quite disturbing;
As a matter of fact, most perturbing.
  The neighbors all watched,
  Her dignity botched,
As they drove her away from the curbing.

“I’m sorry,” the coroner stated,
“But the lady was heavily weighted.”
  Not as I should,
  But I did what I could,
Inadvertently she’s desecrated.”

The decedent by now has been planted,
Last will and her testament granted.
  And the wrecker repaired
  From the sordid affair
Of the corpse that the truck had transplanted.
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