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Day: October 28, 2021


Pasqualino, a man of Toronto,
Whose marriage had peaked at a plateau,
  Divorced his dear mate
  In nineteen nine-eight
No longer she’s Mrs. Cornelio.

Six-year old twins they were raising,
Support he soon was then paying;
  A duty he shares
  With other split pairs,
Decreed by divorce he obeying.

His wife no longer respecting
On a hunch Pasqualino suspecting,
  Sent a sample away  
  Of his own DNA
To see if it twins was affecting.

The test showed his twins had been sired
By a man that his wife more desired;
  He wasn’t the dad
  Of the twins that they had
So he stopped their support as required.
She took him to court for the payment,
She sued him, as she was the claimant;
  The court soon agreed,
  Her ex must concede,
No longer could act in abeyment.

It doesn’t seem right to be paying
For pleasure his wife found in playing
  With a lover she shared,  
  An adulterous affair,
Denying the vows he’s obeying.

The judge said, “Too bad she’s a tramp,
A harlot and devious vamp.
  But you’ll have to keep paying,
  Though she went a-straying,
With a man who would leave his own stamp.”
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