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Day: October 23, 2021

Snake Oil

It comes in all forms
And is readily shared;
At times it’s requested
At times it’s declared.

And as often as not,
When given it’s wrong,
But advice radiates
Like the notes of a song.

A couple from Britain,
Their little dog lost,
Sought the counsel of experts
And substantial the cost.

Simon, their Lab,
Had been gone a few days,
And the expert prescribed
A cure to amaze.

He suggested collecting
Their urine expelled
To scent mark locations
Like a dog’s thus compelled.

So they’d peed into bottles
Then traveled the street
While spilling the contents
Where dogs and pee meet.

The expert assured them
The dog’d find the scent
And return to the owners -
All safe and content.

A week’s passed to history
And Simon’s still lost –
They’ve expended some urine
And the specialist’s cost.

But the question to ask
Is why people will buy
Any hope that’s for sale
From a snake-oil guy.
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