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Day: October 22, 2021


I boarded the beast
That earlier scared
This rider away
With nostrils he flared

He graciously tied,
Would saddle oppose -
Resisting the effort
He danced on his toes

Cinched him up snug,
And the bridle he took,
Looked back at the saddle,
His body he shook.

Then time for the stirrup
And I hopped on one foot
As he moseyed about -
He wouldn’t stay put.

The boot was inserted
The leg swung around,
I was up on the beast
And looked down at the ground.

10-stories high
Or taller I’m sure,
A long way to fall
When your bones are mature.

A gentle pull right
And we’re off for a ride
Around the arena
Aboard as he’d stride.

Like a statue he stood
When dismounting my steed,
To the stable then led him
With bridle as lead.

A wonderful feeling
Confronting the fear
Of a horse with the view
Of a renegade steer. 
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