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Day: October 20, 2021


Custodial rights
To a dead man, you say?
That’s gonna happen
If a court gets its way.

Addicted to crack,
A father’s relieved
Of a child he’d sprung
And a woman conceived.

Now they’re changin’ their minds,
For the father has died –
He was hit by a car
In the mid of a stride.

The courts now believe
The child will do well
To be the man’s heir
When the suits start to gel.

So they’re makin’ a motion
For custodial rights
To be passed to the man
Who’s had his last rites.

So the boy’s supervision
Will officially pass
To a dead man who fathered
The boy with a lass.

When the settlement settles
And his lawyer’s prevail,
All the cash that’s awarded
The boy will avail. 
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