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Day: October 15, 2021

Cool School

Here’s is the school
I should have gone to,
Letitz, Pennsylvania
Too bad that I’m though.

The juniors and seniors,
Have an annual bash,
Thrown for their classes
With all their class cash.

When the party is over
They all get a gift,
A memento of times
Through which they all drift.

A year ago money clips
For boys were doled out,
While the ladies got frames
For a picture to sprout.

But this year it’s tight,
The money’s constrained,
They gave ‘em a shot glass
For booze or champagne.

Now officials at Warwick
Have egg on their face,
The parents are outraged -
Hold them in disgrace.

But all I can say,
Is this school is too cool –
Though it’s possibly run
By a managing fool.
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