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Day: October 13, 2021

Alan Livingston

Once a young man named Livingston,
Died an old man at ninety-one;
  But while he was here,
  Influenced far and near,
Creating some fun for everyone.

At Capitol Records he pulled strings,
A writer, producer of kid things;
  Right after the war,
  Number 2 if you score,
Created a clown with red hair wings.

Bozo the Clown at the Circus,
Was soon every childhood’s focus.
  Red hair and big feet,
  Every child he’d greet
His hair sprouting out like a crocus.

Promoted because of successes,
Their catalogue then he assesses;
  Weak he would find,
  So stars he then signed
For records they pressed on their presses.

Sinatra’s career he would rescue,
From a series of missteps and miscues.
  The Beach Boys he signed,
  Steve Miller entwined,
And from England the Beatles he flew.

Signed them to Capital’s label,
And soon they’re on every turntable.
  Ringo and Paul,
  George and John all
Were holdin’ our hands in a fable.

Bonanza produced in his spare time,
The man fillin’ TVs in prime-time,
  With shows that he wrote,
  Produced then promote;
A man and a life lived sublime.
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