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Day: October 10, 2021

Here’s a Sad Story

Here’a sad story
That needs to be told –
A couple of kids
Who weren’t very old.	

A front loading washer,
An inquisitive mind,
And a child named Kayley
Was soon in a bind.

She opened the door,
Climbed into the tub
Outside was her brother,
A one year-old cub.

Inadvertently leaning,
Accessibly switched,
Activated by brother
The washer then twitched.

In Mission Viejo
The four-year-old girl,
Who’d climbed in the washer
Was soon in a twirl.

She bounced off the paddles
As water poured in,
While Dopey, her brother,
Just watched with a grin.

Two-minutes of tumbling
Brought mother to bear;
It was too late for Kayley -
She’s not wash and wear.

A death accidental,
Authorities said,
But nevertheless
A little girl dead.
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