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Day: October 9, 2021

Corporate Kindness

Jada Harper’s very sick,
Comatose and dying;
Her family wants to have her home
But can’t afford the flying.

At seven-years she’s been away
For treatments meant to save her;
But now it’s clear that earthly men
Can death no more deter.

Her family can’t afford the trip,
For much it would require;
A special plane with drugs and staff
In medical attire.

They reached out everywhere they could,
But little luck would find,
Until a corporate entity
Displayed a side so kind.

FedEx personnel were touched
When reading of her plight,
And so the company arranged
To cover care and flight. 

Eleven grand, a gesture small
For companies like this;
But everything to mom and dad
To place the final kiss.
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