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Day: October 7, 2021

The Games People Play

An odd little game
With a bit of twist -
You shed all your clothes
With a flick of the wrist.

Josh and Amanda,
This was their plan
To throw down some rocks
And hit cars when they can.

A piece of their clothing
Remove when they struck
One of the lights
Of a car or a truck.

So up on a hillside
To an overpass hid
The pair in their clothes
To do as they’d bid.

As headlights were shattered,
Their shirts and their pants
Fell from their bodies
While exchanged they a glance.

Then back for another
And another stone threw,
‘Til they stood nearly naked
As they said they would do.

But the cops came a-calling
And took them away
And dressed them both up
In prison suits gray.

They’ll make an appearance
Fully dressed they’ll arrive
At the courtroom of honor
A defense they’ll contrive.

But filmed they both were
In the game they engaged,
And the next time they strip
They’ll be searched and then caged. 
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