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Day: September 30, 2021

From a Bridge

A friend of mine is falling fast,
  Her life spun from control;
She walks upon a trail that leads
  To darkness in her soul.

She telephoned me late last night
  From a bridge that’s strung
Across the San Francisco bay
  Where many folks have hung.

Philosophy and physics
  Feed her mental thirst;
I’ve known her at her very best
  I’ve known her at her worst.

Ten years of marriage to a guy
  Who thought the time had come
To have a baby, so they did
  Then left, became a bum.

Wounded by the love she lost
  A daughter she then bore;
Collapsing walls around her
  Without an exit door.

Five years passed behind her,
  And each cut like a knife;
While she observed the meaning
  Escaping from her life.

In self-destructive free fall
  The last weeks swirl about;
Friday she’s arrested,
  Her employer says she’s out.

They took her to a mental ward
  Last night before her call;
The doctor who examined her
  Released her back to fall.

So from the bridge she telephones
  And asks if she would die;
And if she jumps into the bay
  Would anybody cry?
“Alone we are,” I tell her
  And tell her, “I won’t lie;
No one misses anyone
  And no one’s going to cry.

All the people living
  Will die without a voice;
But we don’t live for others,
  And living is a choice.

You’ll be dead forever,
  So it’s a small expense
To live the years you’re given
   Not sittin’ on a fence.

If you choose to jump tonight
 Aim for something hard;
Otherwise you’re in a chair
 Pushed around a yard.

If you choose to drive away
 And in yourself find trust;
All the answers lie within
 Covered up in dust.

She’s lost, maybe forever;
  Perhaps she’ll find her way;
From out of darkness babies
  Are born to life each day.  

I don’t know why she called me,
  From on that bridge so high;
For reasons to continue
  Or just to say goodbye.
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