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Day: September 24, 2021

Government Justice

Bryan Steinhauer
Of Brooklyn New York
Got beat to a pulp
By a Serbian dork.

In a Binghampton bar,
A year ago May,
The Serbian struck
And then got away.

Diplomats aided
His overseas flight,
To escape any trial
Concerning the fight.

Hillary Clinton,
A senator then,
Coerced Serb officials
To return him again.

But now she’s moved on,
The Department of State,
And she’s worked out a deal
To set matters straight.

Bryan Steinhauer
Will get some Serb dough -
A cool million bucks
At him they will throw.

But the Serbian people,
They benefit too,
Fifty-million of taxes
To Serbs flow from you.

We give ‘em the fifty,
They return to us one –
Now who’s getting punished
When all’s said and done?
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