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Day: September 21, 2021

On Edge

Roger Stephens’ not nice
Herein’s what he did
On a trip to the Wal*Mart
To a two-year old kid.

In an aisle as wide
As an aisle can be,
A mother strolled by -
A toddler with she.

The child was crying
As a child will do,
Mr. Stephens disturbed
And that’s nothing new.

So Roger warns momma,
“Make that child shut-up!
If you don’t, my dear lady,
I’ll stifle your pup.”

Two aisles later
The child yet cried,
Mr. Stephens grabbed baby
To prove he’d not lied.

Five slaps to the face
And the child cried yet,
While mom started screamin,’
“The cops, someone get!”

The Wal*Mart officials
Appeared on the scene,
Then the cops and the handcuffs
With whom they’d convene.

The man told the facts
Just as they’d occurred,
While momma, with him,
Every word she concurred.

The man’s doin’ time
For his wanton attack,
And the child’s little face
Has it’s coloring back.
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