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Day: September 19, 2021

A Body in Motion

Designed to save lives,
Traffic circles we know,
More often confuse
Which way we should go.

A rush hour driver
In a large German stadt,
Entered a circle,
And befuddled then got.

A tad over sixty,
The lady confused
Couldn’t get to an exit
So around she then cruised.

A patrolman caught sight
Of the circling gal,
Like a horse on a harness
In a closed loop corral.

Fifty times he had seen her
Going ‘round and around,
So he turned on his lights
And the siren for sound.
He worked his way in,
Cleared a path to escape
And led her to safety -
Not a bump or a scrape.

Andrea Zimmer,
Though dizzy unbowed,
Remarked she can drive
But not in a crowd.
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