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Day: September 17, 2021


Profiling offends
The sensitive sort –
Often illegal
Or so says the court

But regardless we brand
And categorize
The people we meet,
The girls and the guys.

Economically often
And sometimes by race,
By language that’s spoken
Or features on face.

But a customs official
In faraway Spain,
Is profiling butts
As folks board a plane.

Though his method is odd
He successfully snatched
A mule with cocaine
By the butt there attached.

Unusually large
Was the traveler’s rear,
The official suspected
A rear more austere.

Intercepting the man
To inspect the large mass
He had him disrobe
To check out his ass.

His hunch proved to find
A neoprene suit
Outfitted with pockets
And coke you could toot.

So big-butted tourists
Had better beware,
Of a customs official
Who’ll at your butt stare.
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