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The experiment nearly ended
On this dog that I’ve befriended,
The one I’ve nearly mended
From afflictions she’s contended.

A summer night I’m sitting
On the deck, the sun transmitting
Through sunshine heat emitting,
Relaxing thus permitting.

My dog is sitting nicely,
Unleashed but poised precisely,
Contained by rails concisely
Elevated, rather dicey.

Daytime quickly passing,
The evening is surpassing,
The bugs begin their massing
The two of us harassing.

Between the rails scramming,
Her hips between them cramming,
Onto the ground she’s slamming
Then on the lamb she’s lambing.
Vanished from the clearing
And to woods she’s nearing
Quickly disappearing,
No trace of her appearing.

Walking every trail
Like a cop I’m on her tail
Her fortitude is frail
I’m thinking I will fail.

Twenty minutes seeking,
Around a tree she’s peeking,
Toward me she’s soon streaking
In hopes of passed me sneaking.

I hold her leash descended
On it, my hopes depended
She stops, her flight suspended
In the moment apprehended.

To her leash she condescended,
Her liberty amended;
The taste of freedom ended
For this dog that I’ve befriended.
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