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Day: September 13, 2021

Naked Patron

To attract some new business
At the Black Frog Café,
Leigh Turner avoided
The coupon cliché.

Exploiting the cold
Of his New England haunt,
A Skinny Dip Sandwich
On the menu would taunt.

To the patron who’d swim
All naked and nude
In the frozen lake offered
A free Dip for food.

Maine’s Moosehead Lake,
Four years they’d turn out,
To strip off their clothes
Get a sandwich and stout.

But then city fathers
Disturbed by the act,
Decided to curb it,
His license attack.

Afraid that nude swimmers
Would harm their small town,
Denied the renewal,
His license shot down.

No alcohol sales
And his business will die -
How’s this help a town
With few taxes get by?

The Skinny Dip Sandwich
v The Council Absurd -
Turner’s appeal
Is now being heard. 
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