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Day: September 11, 2021


There was a sky diving instructor,
Orchestrating each jump as conductor;
  Strapped to his chest,
  The student was pressed,
Clutched to a raptor abductor. 

From South Carolina Chip Steele,
A gentleman kind and genteel,
  Enjoyed what he did,
  It was hard to keep hid,
Each jump holding its own appeal.

A student, a first time contender
To jumping, to Chip would surrender;
  Strapped to his chest
  To each other pressed
 Then leapt from the plane into splendor.

The student soon noticed his teacher
No longer was moving his features;
  His body was still,
  Not involved in the drill,
Then prayed to his God and his preacher.

Recalling his pre-flight instruction,
Effected his speed’s quick reduction;
  The chute he deployed,
  To float overjoyed, 
Avoiding his certain destruction.

Unconscious his teacher lay prostrate,
CPR, though he tried, would be too late.
  Though a heart attack killed,
  The lesson fulfilled
So the student still paid the full rate.
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