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Day: September 10, 2021

Tailor Tricks

Ninety years old and a tailor,
Designs a brassier that won’t fail ‘er;
  Retired he did,
  But back he has slid
To a custom fit bra-cup purveyor.

Different he is from the players
Who toil away as the tailors;
  With a look at a breast
  He can outfit his guest
With a customized boobie conveyor.

To acquire the access desired,
Ran Yusheng is now un-retired;
  He sells them his line,
  ‘One look, I design,’  
And the women unleash what’s attired.

A consummate tailor devine
Or a clever ruse used by design? 
  No dining or drinks,
  No flirting or winks,
Just a hook and a fish and a line.
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