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Day: September 6, 2021

Manual Labor

Manual labor’s
Not my cup o’ tea
But I needed a roof
And the labor was me.

A small chicken shack
For saddles and such,
Had rain leaking in -
Not a lot but too much.

Surveying the rooftop
Like some kind of dope,
With shingles and hammers
And nails and hope.

I hitched up a ladder
And climbed on each rung,
‘Til I stood at the top
And released where I clung.

Free as a bird
A mile in the sky,
I picked up the tools
And away I did fly.

The mission completed,
The shingles in place,
I abandoned the rooftop
Down the ladder I’d race.

A manly endeavor
For a fellow like me,
For manual labor’s
Not my cup o’ tea.
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