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Day: September 4, 2021

Odd Uniform

Lisa Collins woke up at dawn
To find her door unlocked;
Her keys were missing and her purse
To say the least, she’s shocked.

She’s a gal from Michigan
Where things like this are rare –
She’s used to wandering about
Her life without a care.

She cautiously approached the door
And noticed at her car
A man, a neighbor that she knew,
The car door held ajar.

The sight indeed was odd enough
But then she noticed more,
Her neighbor donned in purple bra
And boxers that he wore.

Jacob Fast put up a fight
When officers arrived;
They didn’t have a lot to grab
Of clothing so deprived.
No one knows the circumstance
That put Fast in a bra,
But neighbors many years to come
Will speak of what they saw.
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