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Day: September 3, 2021

Fries with That?

“Could I pour you some coffee
And a couple of eggs;
Some sausage or bacon
While you stare at my legs?”

That was the patter,
That was her line,
She used at the diner
On those who would dine.

They ordered their food
To carry away,
But it all didn’t come
The same time or same way.

So they started to eat
From a Styrofoam tray,
While awaiting the balance
‘Fore they’d go away.

But the waitress informed them
That they couldn’t eat
From a take-away order
‘Til they’d left on their feet.

Well the Waffle House peace
Was shattered by shouts
‘Tween the waitress and patrons
‘Til a gun she pulls out.

A deafening sound
As the bullet explodes,
And the patron is dead
A single shot load.

The waitress hauled off
To a jail cell to sit,
And I’m guessin’ the tip
Was diminished a bit. 
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