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Day: September 1, 2021

Still Waters

Lives a man, 
An angry boy.
Was felled
On ice 
On a street
Where amblers meet.

Comic falls, 
Banana peels,
At a pratfall, 
Laughter peals.
Walkers saw,
Then guffaw,
Found no joy
In chortler’s fun
Angry boy
Then pulled a gun.

Sense of humor
He has not,
Pulled the trigger
Six times shot.
At my gaffe,
You dare to laugh?
You’ll pay a price
And you will see,
I’ll shoot the ones
Who laugh at me.

On the edge
Of sanity,
Lives the life
Of you and me.
Some refrained,
Some restrained,
Splintered souls
And broken will,
Take their toll
On waters still.
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