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Danger Will Robinson

An odd start to the day,
They took him away
  Along with his friends
From a field where they lay.

Jammed into a truck,
With his friends he was stuck,
  He had not a choice
But such was his luck.

He had not a clue
Where he headed to
  But when they arrived,
He knew what to do.

A slaughterhouse stood
Where soon he too would -
  He sensed in a flash
They were up to no good.

He turned to descend
On the ramp but pretends -
  Then runs toward the street
To meat not transcend.

From the herd they were culling
But now he is pulling
  The handler, subverting
His intention fulfilling.

Through the Paterson street
To avoid being meat
  He ran 20 blocks
‘Til a needle he’d meet.

Down on one knee,
Sedate as can be,
  They hauled him away 
To hamburger be.

Not one to be lead,
He ran off instead;
  But despite his best try,
He’s nonetheless dead. 
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