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Day: September 30, 2020

Tangled Webs

Every problem tried to solve,
Other problems then evolve.
Social, private, otherwise;
From every corner problems rise.
Marriage once for girls and boys,
‘Til other couples made some noise.
Girl wants girl and boy wants boy,
Bend the rules to bring them joy. 
So California passed a law
Domestically to fix this flaw.
Partnerships can now be formed
And ceremonies now performed.
Problem solved but problems rise,
Discovered now quite by surprise;
In the court of family law,
Revealed within the law, a flaw.
Man met woman, fell in love;
Perfect pair, hand to a glove.
Married soon then years go by,
Divorcing each they say, ‘Goodbye.’
The victim of a marriage wreck,
The man’s ex-wife collects a check;
But California’s laws provide
When she remarries he can slide.
She meets a woman she adores
Move in together, share their drawers.
Avail themselves of partner laws
To answer nature’s call and cause.
So off to court he leads the charge,
His ex is ‘married,’ livin’ large.
He tells the judge he shouldn’t pay
The alimony thrown her way.
Pro and con the lawyers fought
Intent and purpose laws had sought.
In the end proclaimed the wife,
Though coupled not in married life.
If the ruling’s test meets time,
The woman won a case sublime.
No matter who she’s coupled to
She’ll have her cake and eat it too.

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