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Day: September 29, 2020

Culture Kiss

Every culture’s got some things
That set its ways apart|
From every other culture’s ways
In ways each one imparts. 
The French are known for loving ways,
They’re said to be the best;
All poetry and artistry,
For romance they are dressed.
The Chinese are industrious
In elemental ways;
Out producing Frenchmen prone
To cultivate malaise.
A case in point to illustrate,
Xia Xinfeng, Chinese,
Kiss her husband ardently
His ardor to appease.
But as she slipped her tongue to him
She passed along a pill;
A capsule he’d swallow then
With cyanide she’d filled.
Industrious she proved to be,
Romantic not so much;
The French would sleep with enemies,
Caress them with their touch.
Be happy every chance you get
Receiving a French Kiss;
But happy every chance you get
A Chinese one to miss.
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