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Day: September 28, 2020

Judicious Gambling

Here’s a suit to beat all suits,
A suit that caught my eyes;
Malfeasant justice triumphs when
All logic it defies.
Down Atlantic City way
At Donald’s Taj Mahal,
A lady came to gamble some
But then she had a fall.
In the room where she had stayed
She sensed old nature’s call;
And went to utilize the john
Then it fell off the wall.
Apparently she wasn’t hurt
She rose up off the floor;
Then headed back to where she lived,
Where she had been before.
A couple years, they come and go,
She’s at a social guild;
When once again the lady falls,
This time with pain she’s filled.
Disabled from this incident,
Her legal muscles flex;
The guild is poor so she decides
The first fall caused the next.
Even though 2 years elapsed,
She’s in another state,
The cockeyed system of our courts
Took the hook and bait.
Successfully she sued the Taj
Her case framed in this way;
They pay a million-two to her
Now she’s gone home to play. 
When next you’re at the Taj Mahal
Forget the slots and pits;
Gamble on that porcelain chair
Where everybody sits.
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