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Day: September 27, 2020


Gathered ‘neath a starlit sky,
On a night the moon hung high,
Reflecting flames in every eye
Illuminating years gone by.
Generations circled ‘round
The burning embers in the ground;
One by one their stories told,
Old to young and young to old.
Uncertain as along they grope,
Youthful minds are full of hope.
The road ahead is paved with chance
And wishful dreams and circumstance.
Uncertain too, the elder mind,
The road too traveled by their kind;
Where once upon a time the dreams
Floated hope on golden streams.
Through the air the embers flew,
The new was old and old was new.
In the youth, the elder’s past;
In the old, the young are cast.
On the wings of progeny
The soul extends eternally.
Born on backs of those before,
The pathway lit through open door.
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