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Day: September 13, 2020

Political Correction Miscue

They hired him to make some dough,
They knew he’d make their ratings glow.
He did his part, years come and go,
They reaped the seeds that Imus sewed.
His show comprised of talking heads,
Politics, the blues and reds:
His influence would grow and spread
The coffers of his network fed.
A year ago they turned their back
And CBS would Imus sack
For words within a joke he’d crack
Disparaging some ladies black.
But jokes like these is why they paid
The I-man millions for his trade;
But network suits grew quite afraid
When Reverend Al launched his tirade.
So Donald Imus threatened suit
And CBS came up with loot
To settle matters, not refute,
With millions paid, the suit to mute.
With CBS the worse for wear,
He’ll be returning to the air;
His fans return to hear his fare,
Pushin’ limits as he’ll dare.
The suits sat in their ivory tower
Stripped by Reverend Al of power
Pullin’ strings he made them cower,
Now on Imus, millions shower.
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