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Day: September 11, 2020

Keith Richards Honors his Father

The poster boy for every drug
From heroin to ephedrine;
He’s sampled every opiate
Then countered with amphetamine.
Many times throughout his years,
In interviews with certain pride,
Predictions of his own demise;
Before his time, he should have died.
Twice he looks his sixty-four, 
The walking dead escaped from hell;
Yet like his friend, ol’ Johnny B.,
Still plays guitar like a ringin’ a bell.
His influence is everywhere
From virtuoso to the hack;
His addled ways in movies glow
As Johhny Depp’s own Captain Jack.
Up the nose or in the veins,
No kind of drug he hasn’t had;
But desperate for another high
He lined and laced and snorted Dad.
Three years ago his father died,
A decent run at eighty-four;
They burned the body after mass,
The ashes he then took to store.
Instead upon the counter lined
His daddy laced with coke sublime.
He snorted left and snorted right
‘Til daddy’s ash would upward climb.
He’d listened as the preacher said,
‘The good are always heaven sent;’
He heard within his muddled mind
‘The good are always heaven’s scent.’
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