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Day: September 9, 2020


In every state from coast to coast,
In quiet towns and towns that boast,
On urban streets and country roads,
A new diversion now explodes.
A new amusement, new pursuit,
A way the boredom to dilute;
Sunny days or rainy nights -
Abuse another’s human rights.
Under bridges, in a box,
On a stoop in dirty socks,
Find a bum and beat him there;
Kick and punch and pull his hair.
Use a bottle, use a stick,
A knife is nice and so’s a brick.
Disparage him with words you shout
Then hit him hard and knock him out.
Leave him panting like a dog,
Take a picture for your Blog;
Poke him with a cigarette
Then post it on the Internet.
Oh what fun, this pastime new
If you’ve got nothing else to do;
Nothing else can gratify
Like beatin’ bums that pass you by.
Sleepin’ sound or one awake,
Search one out, a claim to stake.
Bums o’ plenty, white to black,
Pick one out and then attack.
To think that I would waste my time
On baseball in my youthful prime;
So creative, kids today
Finding games that they can play.

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