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Day: September 7, 2020

Still Urning

It pays to be dead
If you’re left behind
To manage estates
Of the most famous kind.
They’ve concocted a list
Of the money that’s earned
By the famous who live
In a grave or an urn.
At the top of that list,
No surprise sure to all,
Elvis Presley resides
And he’s still standin’ tall.
Forty-nine million
He earned this past year;
John Lennon was second
At forty-four near.
Charles M. Schultz
Of the Peanuts cartoon,
Was third on the list
For his social lampoon.
Another dead Beatle
Then Albert Einstein;
Followed by Warhol
Of pop art design.
Entertainers came next,
Tupac and Monroe;
McQueen and James Brown
Followed in row.
Four million for Marley,
Then last came James Dean;
All valuable dead
More so than when seen.
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