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Day: September 6, 2020


Ambassadors are sent to serve
The common public good
Of governments around the world
To represent their hood.
Billions spent by citizens
Support their time abroad
Through taxes to their country paid
To keep relations thawed.
A position more of favor
Than sustenance you will find;
A thank you from the leaders
To whom they’ve been most kind.
Delighted to vacation
On someone else’s dime,
Ambassadors and diplomats
Will party all the time.
Now and then embarrassed
By actions they may take,
Ambassadors are recalled
When fools themselves they make.
In his first post ever,
A new ambassador
Was sent from Israel’s borders
To El Salvador.
Barely one year later,
They found the man outside
The diplomatic mission
Lying on his side.
He wore no stitch of clothing
His mouth gagged with a ball;
His hands tied up behind him -
A bondage free-for-all.
Though drunk he gave his name up,
His title and his rank;
And watched the ship of privilege
As it slowly sank.
Tzuriel Refael’s back home,
No longer he’s employed;
He’ll find it hard to find a job
With perks like he enjoyed.
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