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Day: September 4, 2020


Every morning
Rise and shine;
Start the day,
On breakfast dine.
Home at five,
You left at nine;
What’s the point
Of this design?
Through the traffic
You must hack
With your cup
Of coffee black.
Arrive in time
To take the flack.
What’s the point
In comin’ back?
Arrive on time
And you prepare,
Set a briefcase
On the chair.
Check your look,
Your tie and hair,
What’s the point
Who’s gonna care?
On the desk
The papers pile,
Business bile.
People pass
You always smile;
What’s the point
Of this denial?
Old are leavin’
New arrive,
Some support
And some connive.
Busy bees
Within the hive
What’s the point,
To just survive?
Papers old
Replaced with new,
End of day
The pile grew.
Five o’clock
The day is through,
What’s the point
Of what we do?
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