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Month: August 2020

Environmental End Days

The dossier
Is nearly here
  On Friday we will read
When it is
The world will end
  Because of corporate greed.
Of course the leaks
Are plentiful,
  They’ve published dribs and drabs
Of what’s inside
The ballyhooed 
  Report the headline grabs.
Is the year
  The water will be gone,
Drought and famine
Come to call,
  The end of all will dawn.
Blame it on 
The Western way,
  We like our cars and heat;
No one likes to
Travel far
  Walkin’ on their feet.
Ice caps melt
And forests flee
  The animals will die;
So sayeth they
That sayeth thus,
  The seas will surely dry.
They’ll say the Earth,
We’ve pillaged her -
  Irreparably we harm;
Then say ‘Goodbye’ 
To planet Earth
  And its climatic charm.
They could be right,
They could be wrong,
   It’s doubtful that they know;
But scientists,
With each report,
  Will put on quite a show. 
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Falling Stars


Her headlights cast a shadow
Of my body in the street
Prone upon the pavement
Connected at my feet
I tower there above it
As she exits with her charms
And jumps into the outreach
Of open willing arms.

Reacquainted standing
In disbelief and awe
We mutter welcome nonsense
Falling from the jaw
Turning ‘neath the street light
We head for darkened shores
To share the moments blissful
Collected from our drawers

Lubricating liquids
Unleash the time’s eclipse
And bring us to this moment
Through seas of passing ships
An unexpected coupling
Of souls adrift and cast
Upon a stage of pathos
That speaks to days gone past 

Another time, another place,
The sequence of our lives
Where laughter serves to purpose
The engine that it drives
Within the constellations
Once Gemini was ours
Weightless and untethered
We part like falling stars
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Cathy Smith


Cathy Smith has passed away,
A common name for sure;
Uncommon was the lady.though
And much of life impure.

The subject and the muse of songs
Known both far and wide;
And concubine to famous stars
For which to drugs she’d guide.

A couple of the Rolling Stones,
And members of the Band;
And Gordon Lightfoot’s Sundown gal
And the Weight within Band’s brand.

She furnished and injected
Belushi’s drug fueled death,
Then spent some time in jail
For assisting his last breath.

Deported from the country,
To Canada returned,
And toiled for a law firm
’Til when her life adjourned.

To many a pariah
When Belushi she had killed,
While Lightfoot held a candle,
No rancor from him spilled.

A singer cast in backup
To many of her time,
She leaves as she has lived it
And through the stars she’ll climb.
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School Days

They’re back again
Like every year
  To occupy a chair
Within the school
That sits outside
  The doorway to my lair.
Each morning’s dawn
Of ten long months
  Their elementary ways,
Will constitute
The essence of
  Their elementary days. 
Anxious parents
Drop them off
  Then go their separate ways,
The planted seeds
  Of long ago school days. 
The race begins,
They’re at the gate,
  The school bell sounds to start
The endless hours
Of endless days,
  The school days will impart.
Each year until
They graduate
  The years, to children slow;
Perspectives change 
  And fast they seem to go.
The children come
  Each year to take their place;
Recycling hope
And innocence
  That years in turn erase. 
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every year authorities
revisit words we use;
officiating lexicon
defining words to choose.
to dictionaries added,
new words to build a phrase;
words although improper,
we use all sorts of ways.
this year the entries added
include some acronyms;
DVR’s a techno one
an IED takes limbs.  
words combined together
are sometimes added too;
ginormous, an example
of words included new.
southern rappers use it
now crunk’s become a word;
a style of rhythmic rapping
that’s in the south preferred. 
gray literature and microgreen
and Bollywood is in;
Sudoku and speed dating
and telenovela’s within.
the dialect and argot
enhanced artistically;
a hundred brand new entries
to spice linguistically. 
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Marry Wisely

Be careful who you marry,
Surprises lay in wait;
Discoveries learned delinquently
Can complicate a fate.
In Okemos in Michigan,
Ann Gordon and her man
Lived the life of married folks
According to their plan.
A defensive back in Canada,
Chuck Gordon worked in sports;
A scientist forensically,
She testified in courts.
He was out of town a lot,
Travelin’ with his team,
And Annie got a hunch one day
And hatched a little scheme.
A road trip with the team complete,
Chuck returned to home;
Whereupon she launched her plot 
To through his laundry comb. 
A trial vial she brought from work
Then sampled Chucky’s shorts;
Secreted the vial away
Then to her work transports.
Conducts a test for DNA
Upon the sample mined;
And when the test results came in,
Surprised by what she’d find.
It seems another lady found
Herself within Chuck’s shorts;
So Ann confronts her husband then
With DNA reports.
A scientist will always trump
A man who’s drawn to sports;
To science brains are drawn while sports
On other skills resorts.
His defensive playing skills
Have just run out of luck;
An action filed for divorce,
The Gordons, Ann and Chuck.
They’ll argue in the courtroom,
Did she misuse her skills?
Abuse her State position
Detecting Chucky’s thrills?
But they’ll be no disputing
Mr. Gordon’s ways;
The evidence she gathered
Will end their married days.
Be careful who you marry
And every skill assess;
Lest you’re drawn and quartered
By skills they may possess.
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A Fairfield boy of 13 years
Had homework to be done;
But he was slow at doin’ work -
His preference having fun.
His father is quite disciplined
When work’s before him fanned;
But discipline he’s lacking when
There’s discipline at hand.
The boy brought homework home from school
But saw no need to speed
Completion of the daily chore
But Daddy saw the need.
And though he urged to boy to heed
The warnings that he’d state,
His son would hem and haw a bit -
The boy’d prevaricate.
So Daddy took his boy downstairs
And tied him to a pole;
Grabbed a 5 foot two by four
Extracting then a toll.
Swinging like a batter swings
A bat in big-league ball,
He landed on the boy’s small frame
Seven times in all.
So hard he hit him that the wood
Would splinter all apart;
Then left the boy to think about
The homework he should start.
Certain that this kid has lived
His thirteen years in fear,
Certain more that daddy won’t
Be father of the year. 
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They haven’t been in power long,
They’re up to their old tricks;
The politician's promises 
And things they’re gonna fix.
Their strategy has never changed
In gathering the vote,
They’ll represent the underdog,
Their water for them tote.
They’ll even out the playing field,
So all are in the game;
‘Til everybody everywhere
Are one and all the same.
The wage that’s set as minimum,
They always want to raise,
It sells to their constituents
Though nothing it allays.
So now they’ve got the power,
They vote to change the law;
Pelosi is their leader
And this is what she saw;
The Star-Kist folks, their homebase
In Nancy P’s home state;
In fact it’s in her district
And this law’s a law they hate.
So Pelosi grants exemption
To the Star-Kist factory;
They won’t be paying workers
The same as you and me.
Hypocrisy is hard to kill,
But easy to detect;
Just look into the hallowed halls
Of Washington’s elect. 
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in the dusty roundabout
that borders empty streets
coursing through my cranium
discarded thoughts will meet
a cul-de-sac of brilliant muse
a cul-de-sac of dreams
a cul-de-sac of vapid verse
a cul-de-sac of schemes
left beside the boulevard
in excess of their need
dormant lie infertile -
a harvest gone to seed
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Naked Crisis

A business is in crisis,
A lifestyle faces change;
The nudists are in danger
Of ridin’ off the range.
The clubs are growing older,
And membership declines;
Fewer members gather
Undressing to the nines.
It seems the demographic
Has skewered to older age;
And though they may be wiser,
No on likes a naked sage.
The wrinkled and the saggy,
Still gather on the grass;
Thank God they’ve got the shrubbery
To hide the naked mass.
As their number dwindle,
The clubs face dire straits;
If they don’t get new members
They’ll have to lock the gates.
Clubs survive on members
Who pay their dues on time;
So now they’re out recruiting
For members in their prime.
Incentives being offered
If you’re among the youth;
Premiums assessed you
If longer in the tooth.
They’re canvassing at college
And workshops at the beach,
In hopes of drawing new blood
Into their naked reach.
I hope that they’re successful
Before things get much worse;
Resorts of naked people
On walkers with a nurse.

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