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Swim to the bottom
Of the deep blue sea
Where darkness prevails
In primordial tea,

Where from the great depths
Awoke the life forms,
To the surface were summoned
By lightning and storms,

To crawl from the shores
To the forest and sand
To populate earth
Then across the earth fanned.

While gathering clusters
Developed in time
Establishing rules,
Some rhythm and rhyme.

‘Til homo erectus
Enveloped the globe,
Exerting the powers
Of its temporal lobe.

Displacing the creatures,
Besieging their land,
Destroying the jungles
To create a wasteland.

In a blink of an eye,
The earth on the brink –
From the origin sea
To humans extinct.

The gathering storm
Poised with the will –
The end in the sights
Of the weapons that kill.

And there at the bottom
Of the sea that gave birth,
In dormancy waits
The evolution of earth.

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