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Last Charm

Four months on the lam,
Though always quite near –
The dog driven by
Trepidation and fear.

She developed her habits
But just out of reach,
And weathered the winter
Like a day at the beach.

Chasing the shadows
That frequent the woods,
The sounds and the smells
As any dog would.

Ever more trusting
As time passed away,
She let down her guard
Then she I betrayed.

Like Judas to Jesus,
Her trust I waylaid
And the light in her eyes
Would soon start to fade.

She entered a doorway
With me standing near,
Opportunity struck,
The doorway she cleared.

I brought the door shut
And secured her in place
While a crestfallen look
Came over her face.

I’ll bear the guilt daily
As she’s kenneled and led
On her wooded walks leashed
Where together we tread.

But she’s safe from the hunters
Who would bring her to harm,
The memory of freedom
Like a bracelet’s last charm.

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