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A Little Bit Odd

He’s a little bit odd,
Most would agree,
From videos posted
On YouTube to see.

He started out simply
By killing some cats
And filming the acts
Of stabbings and splats.

With textural notes
Within which he claimed
To love eating flesh
Of the wounded and maimed.

Repetition can bore
And his hunger and thirst
For the bloody and the gore
Took a turn for the worst.

He turned on his lover,
A man that he knew,
And poked him with ice picks
Soon covered with goo.

Then mailed his parts
To the powerfully fixed –
A hand and a foot
And other parts mixed.

And he filmed the occasion
And dubbed in his voice
To be certain we knew
How sick was his choice

Then fled from the country,
The Canadian front,
While Interpol searched
In a worldwide hunt.

At a café was spotted,
A long way from home,
An Internet café
On the web that he combed.

He’s on his way home
Where soon he’ll report –
Where justice is measured
In Canada’s courts.

No longer a threat
Will he further pose –
His days of dissection
Sadly come to a close.

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