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Rabid Assault

It must have been something
To relish and see –
A naked man eating
A face like it’s brie!

On a Florida causeway
A naked man sat
On another man eating
Like a rabid fruit bat.

Gnawing his face
Ripped the flesh from the bone,
Tearing and chewing
The victim sprawled prone.

A cop happened by
And urged the man, “Stop!”
But the feasting continued,
Ignoring the cop.

So the cop took a shot
That failed to phase –
The naked man eating
Continued his ways.

So he popped off some more
‘Til the man fell away –
His appetite sated
By the catch of the day.

Half a face later
The victim was saved –
He’s facing some issues
As the future’s now paved.

Now they’re digging through dirt
To discover the cause
Of a man that attacks
With his teeth and his jaws.

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