simple verse from a simple man


When I was a child I'd lie in my bed

  Hour upon hour with dreams in my head

Images stirring of where I'd be led

  When no longer a child but a grownup instead.


I'd be married of course, to a girl quite like me

  And with time standing still, we'd explore being free

We'd run through the woods and walk by the sea

  We'd never be lonely, together we'd be.


When I was a teen, I'd lie in my bed

  Through hormones that raged, dreamed what lay ahead

Ecstasy shared and fantasies fed

  By a beautiful woman that danced in my head.


We'd discover each other from our toes to our heads

  Afternoons rolling around in our bed

And delight in delights to each other we'd fed

  While escaping to worlds where I love yous are said.


When I reached my thirties with incomplete spots

  An imperfect form, all dashes and dots,

I dreamed of a phantom who'd tie me in knots

  And deliver me whole from where I was not.


I dreamed of conversing 'til dawn's breaking light,

  Tied to this specter in spiritual flight,

We'd open our hearts and our souls would ignite

  And burn of our essence long after the night.


Playmate and lover, soulmate and friend,

  When I lay down my body this day at its end,

I'll dream nevermore, for the dream has come true -

  The dreams that I've dreamt have all been of you.