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August 29 1993

by on Aug.28, 2018, under Poetry

Verona Park
On an arched little bridge
Drawn over a creek
Beneath the north ridge,

I stood with a soul
That awakened a heart
That had died in decay,
Asunder, apart.

The Mayor of Clifton
Presided that day
And we exchanged vows
As the sun slipped away.

My children attended,
My parents as well
We joined in the marriage
Of life’s carousel.

To Westchester County,
Where her family would wait,
To welcome the pair,
To honor and fete.

A decade surreal
Would follow then haunt
When she packed up her things
And left nonchalant.

Disappointment and hurt
Blew in on the wind,
Though change is expected
It will leave you chagrined.

I fled to the woods
To fill in the hole
That she left in her wake
And rekindle my soul.

Found comfort in fauna
And friends I’d acquaint;
From strings of Gibson,
In the music I paint.

She frequently visits
My thoughts now and then
And lives inbetween
Ihe lines that I pen.

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Bell Curve

by on Jul.16, 2018, under Poetry

She was tall
And she was lean,
Freckled with
The Irish gene.

Quick to smile,
Quick to laugh;
At thirty-one
She joined my staff.

For a decade
Side by side
Up and down
On every ride.

A melody
Upon the staff;
In the end,
A Bell Curve graph.

Books and movies,
Songs and verse
Start and end,
It’s nature’s curse.

And that was that,
The whole in half –
No more freckles,
No more laugh.

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by on Mar.01, 2018, under Poetry

I like the way I feel
When she’s sitting next to me;
It’s not a feeling of what’s gone
Or a future that might be;
A feeling of some comfort
And contentment through and through;
A feeling of well-being
Though defining’s hard to do.
Kind of like a promise lost
When days turn into night
But just as it is getting dark
She reaches for the light.

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by on Sep.18, 2017, under Poetry

In the vacuum of departure,
Your presence becomes thought;
Distilled into the memory,
The presence you had brought.

In a town of too few people,
Fewer can be felt;
And loss intensely written
On those to whom it’s dealt.

Upon the vapor trailing,
Behind the parting jet,
The sediment of spirit
And you, I’ll not forget.

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by on Jan.14, 2016, under Poetry

Let’s go away
To a faraway place,
Slip through the cracks
And leave not a trace;

To the edge of the earth,
To the edges of time,
Where the primitive woods
Exists in its prime.

And feast from the fruit
Of the leaves and the seeds,
With nothing to want
While the world recedes.

No words to be spoken,
No memory to fog
The story we’ll live
Beyond the prologue

For all that we’ve left,
Not a moment we’ll grieve
Lost in the rapture
Of Adam and Eve.

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Bound Up In Twine

by on Jan.13, 2016, under Poetry

When we first met
I pictured you
Decades down the line:
In flowing skirt,
Your hair bound up in twine.

Your eyes would sparkle
Just the same;
For time would take no toll;
My empty heart
Inside the rabbit hole.

Seated in
An artist’s loft
Surrounded by your work –
The sculptures
With your paintings and
Your Mona Lisa smirk.

But visions of
The dreams I have
Awaken with the dawn;
Between the vision
And the dream,
I wake and you are gone.

Perhaps you put
Your art away,
Your palette and your paint
And settled like
So many do,
Subdued by life’s restraint.

But when we loved
I pictured you
Decades down the line:
In flowing skirt,
Your hair bound up in twine.

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Off the Grid

by on Jan.30, 2014, under Poetry

Years ago
And out of town
A couple lay
Their bodies down.

Made a home,
And made a kid,
Chose a life
That’s off the grid.

Raised the child
On homegrown food
And stories from
Their childhood.

Solace sought
In starlit skies,
Communing with
The fireflies.

Their child lured
By city lights,
Departed then
For neon nights.

Now bodies wrapped
In wrinkled lace,
The years in furrows
On their face,

Cloaked by time,
Behind its drape,
The only thing
They can’t escape.

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To the Lost

by on Jan.27, 2014, under Poetry

On the sheets of splendor spent,
An afternoon of rapture sent.
Beyond the pale of moonlit skies,
All that is, within her eyes.

The heart with apprehension held,
One kiss of hers, resistance felled.
Every thought by challenge met
I fell into a lover’s debt.

Igniting fires, burned the soul
And all within away she stole.
A vessel left of jumbled rhyme
And memories of together’s time.

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Wedding Dance

by on Jul.05, 2012, under Poetry

The Community Center,
The venue of choice,
A party attended,
A wedding’s rejoice.

Horse lovers gathered,
All cowboys and girls,
To celebrate love
Of a princess and earl.

Fashionably late
For the couple’s grand ball,
I walked in the door
And into the hall.

The horse riding bride
Had cleaned up quite well –
Her satin dress clinging
To her curves and her swells.

Dressed from the farm
In old denim jeans
And worn leather boots,
I was readily seen.

Approached at the door
By the bride for a dance,
I deferred to her question,
And took up the chance.

Pressed to her body,
My best cowboy swirl,
I remembered the thrill
Of the touch of a girl.

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by on May.29, 2012, under Poetry

Twice I’m divorced
From women adored
Before and thereafter
In couplet or chord.

Few memories exist
Of the bad we withstood,
No trouble remembering
The times that were good.

Unexpected the changes
But time played a part
In metering music,
Disassembling hearts.

Both harbored now
In what I’ve become –
A lyrical dance
On strings that I strum.

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