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Tag: Pets

A Better World

Sure he is different,
Has too many feet
And his body is covered in fur;
A tail and stripes
And ears that will stand
But no matter, it doesn’t deter
The sharing of all
Of the bounty that’s found
Of grains that we now feast upon
For all of the critters
Who squeak and will hoard
To food, like chickens, are drawn.

He’s got the same needs
The common desires
Like birds of feather possess;
But empathy born
In the spirit is lost
By many more prone to aggress.
So the world at large
Would improve its own lot
If lessons like this we’d embrace;
When a chipmunk appears
Don’t laugh at his ears,
Accommodate him in your space.

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He’s carved out a spot,
A nest for his bones;
Removed all the twigs,
The sticks and the stones.

A surface as smooth
As a road freshly paved
And scented the spot
To assure it’d be saved.

In the dappling of sunlight
He peruses his realm;
A confident dog
In charge, at the helm.

We all should find fortune
This canine has found;
A place to call home
To which we are bound.

Where resting comes easy
And fears are at bay;
A place we can ponder
Our birth and decay.

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Walking Rocky

The time is drawing near,
The dog must go outside;
To take a little walk,
Relieving his inside.

But now the snow is falling
And the wind is rather brisk,
I’d like to wait ‘til summer
But I can’t take the risk.

He’s small, his bladder likewise,
So he can’t wait that long
But still procrastinating
The waiting I prolong.

He’s dancing by the doorway,
He whines to beckon me –
Just a few more minutes
And we’ll go find a tree.

He cocks his head to listen,
To understand my plea;
Let’s get your coat and mittens
Or sorry you will be.

We do for others often
Some things we’d rather not;
But when you care for others,
This is what you’ve got.

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Down the Line

They’re folding up tents now,
The show is leaving town;
A show that brought a smile,
Leaving nothing but a frown.

A parking lot that’s empty,
No lights ignite the night;
No revelers in chorus
Laughing in delight.

The trapeze been dismantled,
The circus rings are packed;
The big top hits the highway,
Along with every act.

New faces will be waiting
For the circus lights that shine;
When the old show reassembles
Somewhere down the line.

Nothing ever changes,
The new replace the old
To follow every footstep
In every story told.

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Goose Down

A wounded bird
Left behind
The winter just ahead;
His flock flew off
To warmer climes
To seek their daily bread.

A goose that’s found
A place to hide
Each day beside a pond;
I see him scramble
As I pass
To walk the woods beyond.

He floats to safety
On the tarn
But something is amiss;
His wing is twisted,
Out of place,
And he can’t fly like this.

Unlikely that
He’ll live ‘til spring,
Not built for winter’s ways;
Not something I
Look forward to,
Beholding his last days.

We play the game,
The hand we’re dealt,
Abiding nature’s rule;
And to the weak
Discarded ones,
The world can be so cruel.

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Hope’s Last Days

Hope Pensive

She’s loud and demanding
But this I forgive –
For the lumps have returned,
And she’s not long to live.

She’s pensive these days
As she watches and waits;
Unaware of the hand
That’s been dealt by her fate.

Or maybe she knows,
Who knows a dog’s mind?
Who knows if she knows
Of her damaged design.

For now she is back
On the meds and the care
For as long as she has
Of these lives that we share.

Our roles now reversed
For her ride to the end;
As she’s been to man,
I’ll be her best friend.

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Walter and Fall Small

His dwelling safe from elements,
The wind and cold he circumvents.
Through the view he supplements
The coddled life he represents.

Falling leaves, the prey of chase –
Through the glass, each one he’ll race.
Anticipation on his face,
Between the panes, for capture brace.

An agile mind, dynamic thought
Within imagination wraught;
With enemies and prey he’s fraught,
He lives the dream the image caught.

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Oso Sleeps

Fast asleep
And not a care;
No concerns,
He’s unaware.

A canine’s view
Of rabid dreamscapes,
Lost in fields
Of ether sun drapes.

There are no burdens
In his day;
No consciousness
Of life’s decay.

Contrasting lives
Of trial and measure,
A simple life
Of simple pleasure.

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Aging Dog

An Aging Dog

He ages right before my eyes,
The stray that came to stay
And gave himself a brand new start
On that October day.

Encouraged first to go away,
A notion he refused;
Now a little grayer grows,
His energy diffused.

He lifts himself across my lap,
Eight stone and then some more;
His size much better suited for
Reposing on the floor.

In company he’s happy,
He’s bonded to the one
Who sheltered him when summoned,
His hunger didn’t shun.

Aging now before my eyes,
His friendship tried and true;
When he came from nowhere,
I wonder how he knew.

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I’ve made all the rounds,
Amends I have made,
The daily disturbance
And nightmares will fade.

My wandering hound
Now safe under wrap,
Had made quite a racket
As she hunted and trapped.

A howl that echoed
Beyond many miles
And failed to produce
A singular smile.

So off to the neighbors
I traveled to tell
Of her capture informing
They’re free from her hell.

Though I knew not a one,
They all knew of me –
It’s not a good sign
That I’m good company.

But they all were forgiving,
And shared a few laughs
And told of their families,
Their own little gaffes.

I’m back in good graces,
A pariah no more –
‘Til the next time she slips
Right out of a door.

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