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Category: Poetry


A lover spurned,
A lover burned,
  Into a killer
He has turned.
Vengeance sweet,
A one way street;
  Find the means,
The ends will meet.
Monday morn
And mom’s forlorn,
  Her daughter’s gone,
She’s on the horn.
Calls the cops,
The hammer drops,
  Says she thinks
She’s left with pops.
Abducted he,
The daughter she
  Had born her ex,
Then with her flee.
While she reports,
The ex transports
  Their daughter eight,
To last resorts.
Rents a plane,
A Cessna plain;
  A lover spurned,
He’s gone insane.
In seat belt wrap,
The child’s lap,
  The Cessna’s wings
Begin to flap.
Above he flies,
The in-law eyes;
  Into their house
He flies and dies.
On the wings
Of loving things,
  Despair with hope  
In chorus sings.
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40 Watts

40 watts
hangin’ bare
on a porch
in the air
drawing bugs
to its care
one by one
as they dare
in the glare
touching down
landing square
on the globes’s
glowing lair
caution tossed
death’s despair
lighting bugs
dying there
fickle friends
who dart and dare
darkness lurks
of light beware
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All Aboard

The South Lake Union Trolley
Is new to Washington;
It routed through Seattle,
So that is where it’s run.
After its inception,
The town’s authorities
Knew the name was lacking
Like transit systems elsewhere,
The trolley soon was prone
To be referenced by a shortcut -
By an acronym it’s known.
A merchandising heyday
For local shops and stores,
Printing “Ride the S.L.U.T.” 
On T-shirts by the scores.
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Willfully Willing

the willful
the wiling
the fire
the tempted
the willful
the willing
the willful
the willing
the willfufl
the willing
the glance
and the glancing
the dancer
the dancing
the willful
the willing
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Before Us

The table’s set, the candle’s lit
A feast of food, a king of fit
  Before us.
I pour the wine before we dine,
Toast the present and the times
  Before us.
    There are people everywhere
    But all I see are empty chairs
Before us.
We take our seats, the food’s released,
Plates are passed, we start the feast
  Before us.
Family matters, boundless chatters
Someone drops a glass that shatters
  Before us.
    Off the stage an empty chair
   Anticipates the certain fare
Before us.
Babies cry and grandma sighs,
The drinks are good, the turkey’s dry
  Before us.
The air is chilled and I am filled
With missing links and voices stilled
  Before us.
    Face to face I sit and stare
    At memories in empty chairs
Before us.
Scrape the dishes, make your wishes,
Some are slurring ‘s’ to ‘ishes’
  Before us.
This time next year we’ll gather here
Amid the hugs they’ll be some tears
  Before us.
    Every age, a turning page;
    The curtain falls, we leave the stage
Before us.
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Too Kind

They’re tryin’ to save a terrorist
Who tried to kill and maim
A thousand unknown people
‘Cause they don’t think the same.
Intending to set off a bomb
To terrorize and kill,
It detonated earlier
Than was his wont and will.
Burning him from head to toe,
Near death but not quite there,
Authorities transported him
To doctor him with care.
His care will run beyond his means
So folks he tried to kill
Will watch them try to save the man
And yes, pick up the bill.
The doctors trying everything
To save this wretched life;
And sparing no expenses toward
His care beneath their knife.
Utilizing skin of shark
And cartilage they graft
Onto the man they hope to grow
New skin, have they gone daft?
I wouldn’t waste a single dime
To save this spineless beast;
They ought to grind him into chum
Upon which sharks could feast.
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Bulb Us

Say goodbye to our old friend,
It’s time has come and gone;
The incandescent light bulb and
Its artificial dawn.
Its contribution to the cause
Of global warming woes,
Initiated broad response
So out the door it goes.
A quarter of the energy
Expended in this land,
Goes in and out of light bulbs -
The incandescent brand.
Compared to the fluorescent light,
Five times the energy
Is utilized to make them glow,
And hence new strategy.
Australia and Canada
Will phase them from the scene;
And California’s done the same,
Restoring global green.
The European Union too,
Is working on a plan -
Stop production of these bulbs
And contemplate a ban.
And even where the bulb was born,
In Thomas A.’s home state;
In buildings of the government
It’s use will soon abate.
Of course solutions have a price
And heavy metal’s one;
Fluorescent lights have mercury
The stuff that makes them run.
Rhombohedral mercury
Holds dangers in its core;
They’ve pulled it from our dental work,
Seeps into every pore.
Ingested it will dull the mind,
Exposure please avoid;
Or every thought you ever had
Will soon be null and void.
Mercury’s toxicity
Is second but to one;
The element, plutonium -
Not to be outdone.
Small amounts can kill a lake,
A touch a fetus maims;
Autism and Alzheimers
Among it many claims.
It’s good to see the government
Is acting for our cause;
Removing incandescent light bulbs
With new fluorescent laws. 
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Poor King Tut
He gets no rest;
Disturbs his peace,
The human pest.
The Golden Boy
At nineteen years,
Died before 
The Christ appears.
Buried then
Discovered too
In nineteen hundred
The sacred tomb
Of Pharaoh god,
They commence
To poke and prod.
Lifted him
In linen robe;
Paraded him
Around the globe.
Returned him to
His tomb and vault,
Where tourists gawk
In rude assault.
Unwrapping him
In glass they’ve laid
His leathered face
Now on display.
Upon his death,
A man revered;
Decorum all
But disappeared. 
Sellin’ tickets
For a peek,
Tut’s a sideshow
Circus freak.
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Aaron Davis
Found some bumps
On his head,
Some little lumps.
Thinking first
A simple bite
A bug applied
To Aaron spite,
He simply itched
The place he felt
The bumps emerge
Into a welt.
But then began
To feel a pain
Bridge between
His knee and brain.
A little blood
The bumps would ooze,
Confounding him,
His wife confuse.
One morning Aaron
Told his wife,
He heard the bumps -
They’d come to life.
Thinking he was
Losing touch,
His mental state
A slipping clutch,
Then Aaron freaked,
Began to yelp;
Time they thought
To seek some help.

At first the doctor
Thought he had
Some bites or shingles,
Not too bad;
But closer looks
Would soon reveal,
Secrets that 
His scalp’d conceal.
Larvae growing
In his head
Of bot flies feeding
As they spread.
Squirming ‘neath
His scalp and skin,
Aaron’s host
To them within.
Beneath his hair
The larvae moved,
The larvae’d have
To be removed.
Sickened by 
The news they told,
Aaron of his
Lunch lost hold.
The doctors did
What doctors do,
Killed the larvae
Where they grew.
Though they’re gone
I’ll bet he hears,
Bugs a-crawlin’
Many years.
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Snakes ‘n Chicks

When on a woman men transfix,
Impressing them they’ll try all tricks;
Do anything to pick-up chicks,
But girls and booze and snakes don’t mix.
A snake collector found a snake
On a highway he would take;
Slow the car, applied his brake -
A rattlesnake the claim he’d stake.
At a party held outside
The man arrived, snake at his side.
His ex- was there, the food she fried;
“Hey baby, bring a beer,” she cried.
Forgetting that he held the snake
Within the hand the bottle’d take,
He reached it toward her by mistake
As she stood near things she’d bake.
“Get that snake away from here!”
She screamed, of snakes she had a fear.
Then toward his mouth the snake he’d steer
And made the snakehead disappear.
He’s not the brightest of the bunch,
The snake upon his tongue would lunch.
The swelling caused his throat to scrunch,
Delivered him a knockout punch.
They snake they killed, his friends and clan,
And CPR’d him in the van;
Anti-venom I.V.’s ran
Into his veins to save the man.
A breathing tube, intensive care,
They pumped his lungs with lots of air.
Induced a coma, kept him there
‘Til doctors could affect repair.
He says the six-pack that he drank
May have caused his mind to blank;
But poison snakes have left his tank
And for his life, his luck should thank.
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