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Category: Poetry

Bear Witness

Startled by the sounds he’d heard
  Awakened from his dream,
In the woods a turkey stood
  Above a rushing stream.
His solitude disrupted by
  A shadow that he’d seen,
I watched him from behind a stand
  Of trees within the scene.
Not a feather wiggled he,
  He stood without a sound;
His colors blended, camouflaged 
  With everything around.
Apprehension satisfied,
  He hesitantly stepped
Into the water’s rapid flow
  To share its secrets kept.
To understand the life you live,
  Its fabric and its seams,
Bear witness to the wild ones
  Awakened from their dreams.
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Mary Poppins’ Farm

Mary Poppins has a farm,
It is a wonderland.
With a bean stalk and a boy;
A giant, green and grand.
Three blind mice, a piper pied,
A wolf in woodsman’s clothes;
A lady with a big wood shoe -
A child in each its toes.
By nature gruff, some billie goats
Disgruntled eat the sod;
While in a tub, out on a lake,
Float Winken, Blinken ‘n Nod
Scrambled egg beneath the fence
Where Humpty-Dumpty sat;
While seven dwarfs clean up the spot
Where Humpty-Dumpty splat.
A prince on alabaster steed
Approaches through the glade,
Dismounting pulls the covers back
To kiss the sleeping maid.
From a tower, tresses fall
Golden from a sill;
Ascending them, a gentleman
Fulfills the maiden’s will.
Peter Piper picks a peck
Of fruit and other fare;
For Lady Hubbard, old and gray,
And fills her cupboard bare.
The grass morphs into lollipops
When Alice comes around;
Through a hole I take my leave
And move to higher ground.
I love to visit on the farm
That Mary Poppins keeps;
But welcome’s kept when welcomes worn -
I’m off to Miss. BoPeep’s. 
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I see you there among the trees
Blowing gently in the breeze
In the shadow’s camouflage
A wary deer or some mirage

Perhaps you think the same of me
Directly staring me you see
Captured both in this embrace
Danger or a friendly face

A moment in the great preserve
To contemplate what we observe
To praise the earth and dignify
To cleanse the soul and purify
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This morning’s poem I’m going to write
  The day before it’s due;
But will that make it yesterday’s
  Or this day’s poem for you?
Mindful of the quandary
  I’ve placed in front of you;
Consider for a moment
  Which daily poem you view.
If it’s really yesterday’s
  To you it then denies
A timely piece of poetry
  To set before your eyes.
But if today’s it truly is
  Then one cannot deny
A prescient poet I must be;
  A fortune tellin’ guy.
The latter being closer to 
  The truth that I now hold;
For I have seen the future
  And the future have foretold. 
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Journey’s End

The weeks are winding down they are
And soon the time will come
To bid adieu to folks we knew
Because of jobs we do.
Fortunes rise and fall like tides
And all will ebb and flow;
But on this beach where we have washed,
We pause before we go.
A journey shared in memory
Connecting you to me;
Along the coasts of hearts laid bare
The shores will share the sea.
Tomorrow’s all come soon enough,
Today is hard to hold;
Within a child’s mind no thought
Of ever growing old.
To hold a moment’s pleasure pure,
To hold suspended still
Within a timeless bureau placed,
The drawers with moments fill.
Travel where the roads will lead,
And do what you must do;
But you with me will always be,
For I am all of you. 
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The Wire

High above the circus crowd
You walk a tightened wire;
Hanging in the balance of
Your wants and your desire.
Within the crowd appears a ghost,
Borne on wings of doubt;
Indistinct the features formed,
Circuitous its route.
A visitor from time to time,
Unwanted it appears;
A shadow cast between the light
That lies between your fears.
Blinded by uncertainty,
Blinded by its skill;
Lost in the confusion -
Your spirit and your will.
Beneath the crowd is watching,
Anticipating fate;
You search the faces staring
And every face you hate.
Ghosts will be defeated
Or ghosts will have their way;
Abandoned on the wire
You live or die today. 
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Wedding Song

All that’s left is the ‘I do,’
Then she’ll be paired for life;
Proclaim devotion to a guy
Who’ll take her as his wife. 
And he in kind will do the same,
Proclaim his love for her;
Then she’ll become his madam,
And he’ll become her sir.
Uncertain when she first I met,
Uncertain no more she;
Flowering on the branches grown
Upon her family tree.
A kinder heart will not be found,
A kinder soul unknown;
A kinder friend I haven’t met
Among the friends I’ve known.
Our lives a series of events,
In ceremonies marked;
We step across the thresholds,
New chapters are embarked.
If I could wave a magic wand,
I’d grant her all her dreams;
And tell her that her father’s smile
Upon her surely beams.
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Friday Thoughts

Here’s what I think,
  On this Friday we’re in;
My brain’s on a binge
  So let us begin.
Let’s start with the good,
  My heart it still beats;
And I breathe in and out
  And I’ve got both my feets.
Two of my eyes
  Can see as they should
And my fingers all work
  And my toes are all good.
Upright I walk,
  No help from a cane;
My body most often
  Is free from all pain.
Enough of the good,
  Let’s move on to the bad
Thoughts churnin’ ‘round
  In this brain that I’ve I had.
The thoughts I’ve forgotten
  I had yesterday;
And the thoughts that I’m havin’ 
  Are slippin’ away.
I’ve seven hairs left
  Where a forest once grew;
That’s a thousand hairs short
  Of havin’ a ‘do.
Half of my teeth
  Are wearin’ a cap;
Kangol they’re not
  But they close up a gap.
And a final thought shared,
 Be it good or it bad,
That’s the end of the thoughts
  This mornin’ I’ve had. 
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Other Times

Maybe I’ve been here before,
In some other age;
With some other face and form
On some other stage.
Other lines to act and speak,
Other roles to play;
Performing on a silver screen
Or on the great white way.
A character part fictional,
A character part truth;
A character of insight
A character of youth.
Gathered from the paragraphs
Of every story told,
The sum of every part and play,
The actor you behold.
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In the absence of a memory,
In the absence of a dream;
In the absence of desire 
The spirit starts to scheme.
It undermines ability,
It undermines the hope;
It undermines the courage,
The instruments to cope.
In the void it darkens,
In the void obscures,
In the void it weakens;
The discontent, it lures.
Despondent then in nature,
Despondent then in name;
Despondent then in company
The spirit stakes a claim.
Some will find a doorway,
Some will find the light;
Some will find the truth,
The pathway through the night.
Falling ever further,
Falling ever swift,
Falling ever empty
The others ever drift. 
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