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Political Pedigree

“Do as we say and not as we do,”
A phrase that’s familiar to me and to you.
The biggest proponent of this credo I quote?
Politicians elected when you and I vote.
First our own governor, while riding along
In a vehicle owned by the state we belong,
Unbuckled and speeding, against laws he’d condoned,
Crashed and the governor was nearly de-boned.
And now on the west coast in a state sponsored car,
A senator traveled in the car she’d soon mar
When she smashed the rear end a man with his tot
While talking away on a cell phone she’s got.
Last year she approved and voted to pass,
Should you drive in a car and are giving it gas,
A law that prohibits your cell phone in use
And a fine she provided for the statute’s misuse.
Their pedigree pure as a Croatian Sheepdog,
With a conscious as clear as a Florida fog,
A breed of humanity whose DNA screens
Into twisted paired couples of duplicitous genes.

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