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Dog Face

She must be something ugly,
Repugnant to the eye,
For them to charge this lady
And think the charge would fly.
It happened in New Hampshire,
A state that’s rather small;
Its significance is minimal
As states go all in all.
The charge they lodged against her
Is one you’ve heard before;
Cruelty to an animal,
An act that I’d deplore.
Specifically the lady charged
With staring at a dog;
Taunting and harassing it
While in a drunken fog.
Confronted by policemen
Responding to a call,
She mocked their German Shepherd
Which threatened her to maul.
Ogling the canine,
The dog became unnerved
By the constant staring
The dog felt undeserved.
So they booked the lady
For cruelty to the beast,
And off to court they hauled her
But now she’s been released.
The judge, he watched the video
Taken at the scene,
Determined cuter ladies
Everywhere were likely seen.
He said had she been pretty,
And a quarter of her weight,
The cops would not have booked her
And charged her in the State.
Even though she’s ugly
It’s not considered cruel,
To stare without distraction
At animals that drool.
The judge dismissed the charges,
And that seems apropos;
Beauty’s found within the eye
Beholders only know.
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