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Food Queen

The doorbell rang,
‘Twas rather late
And no one visits
At my gate,
But up I rose,
To my delight
An Asian girl
Stood in the light.
Was this a vision,
Just a dream;
Delusions that
Awake I seem?
Was there a God
Who answered prayers
And placed this girl
Upon my stairs?
I opened up
The door between
The manifested
Dream I’d seen.
Ah-low, she said,
Remembah me?
I know that voice
I said to she.
For years we’d chatted
On the phone,
The best Chinese
I’ve ever known.
Years before
She’d come on by
To meet me once
Hello, good-bye.
Now here she was,
Upon my steps,
The finest one
Of Food King’s reps.
For fifteen years
The Chinese food,
From her I ordered
When in the mood.
In my drive
Her car was parked,
Beneath the moon
Her dark eyes sparked.
I sell my store
But new one bought,
I fix you some
When food is sought. 
Food King’s number
I’ll take out,
Off my dialer,
Have no doubt,
I said, Replace it,
With your  phone;
The new food king
Upon the throne.
She touched my hand,
Ahh, thank you much,
You so kind,
Her hand I clutch.
She turned to leave,
Beneath a star,
The Food King girl
Climbed in her car.
Into the night
She drove away,
No other stops
She made this day.
Thanked the gods
While in my bed,
That to my door
She had been led.
I’d order her
By the pound
But on the menu
She’s not found.
For beef and broccoli
Can’t compare
To having her
Upon my stairs. 
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