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Cage Match

The cat is under some duress
For Rocky’s on his case;
Presently, as you can see,
He’s chewing on his face.
Walter’s making every move
To try and get away
But Rocky is tenaciously
Holding him at bay.
The snarling cat to no avail
Attempts to scooch and squirm,
But when the dog sits down on him
He’s held there pretty firm.
When Walter’s patience runs its course
He’ll then deploy his claws
And latch onto the dog’s big ears
Or hook them in his jaws.
Then the dog’s the noisy one,
He’ll whimper like a child
Admit defeat and run for cover,
His ears or nose defiled.
Exhausted from the grueling duel,
Each other’s strength they’ve sapped;
Another cage match at its end,
They both head for a nap.
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