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Our politicians placed in jobs,
A voice for common men;
To represent the interests of
The nation’s citizens.
But through the years here’s what they’ve done,
They’ve made their class elite;
Passing laws that common folks
Abide out in the streets.
In doing so, exempt themselves
From many laws they pass –
While you and I resigned to be
A somewhat lesser class.
The big ones are familiar to
The population’s whole –
They don’t contribute anything
To the SSA’s core role.
Recently exempted from
The health care act they passed –
The commoner participates
But they themselves not cast.
But many tiny incidents
Contribute to the growth
Of this elitist group of pols
I’ve come each year to loathe.

Back when FDR would head
Our nation when at war,
He rationed gas that we could buy,
Controlling what was poured.
Most could buy each week to use,
Three gallons for their car,
But who would be exempt from this?
The politician corps.
They could buy the gasoline
In quantities they wished;
Anytime and anywhere,
To them the gas was dished.
I don’t know how it came to be,
These servants of the free,
Manipulated common folks
With their hyperbole.
To feed from troughs of taxes paid
To them, the ruling class;
Creating aristocracy
Untouched by laws they pass.
The will that’s weak succumbs until
Integrity disrupts;
Perhaps it’s true, there’s truth in this -
That power does corrupt.
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