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by on Jan.27, 2019, under Poetry

On a bluff in California,
A tidal pool below,
Naked people frolicked
On drifting sand like snow.

We watched the sunshine gather
And kiss the unchained souls
Whose freedom of expression
Discarded weary roles.

Unfettered from the consequence,
We answered freedom’s call
To dance among the sagebrush found,
In sand our names would scrawl.

Beneath the glare of sunshine found
Abundant at the shore,
We shared the secrets lovers know,
Transformed forever more.

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by on Jan.22, 2019, under Uncategorized

for christina valdez

A long time ago,
In a world put away,
When youth was the order
And night was the day,
There was a young girl
That I knew by her smile
And a way she could place
My affections on trial.

Each day we’d walk
To a cozy spot near
And while away hours
In a dark atmosphere.
She excited my senses
And tangibly touched
The inner mechanics
Of the secrets I clutched.

Her charms were assorted,
Was laughter’s delight
And I easily melted
In the heat of her light.
She offered her body
But another’s was mine –
Temptation took Adam
But I stuck with the wine.

Translucent her spirit
As she orbits my time
Through years that have passed
In these lines I have rhymed.
I frequently wonder
What’s come of this girl,
In memory she’s kept
Like an oyster’s sweet pearl.

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Mobile Home

by on Jan.22, 2019, under Uncategorized

People have apartments,
Condos at the shore;
Homes up on a hilltop,
On streets in Baltimore;
I live in mobile housing,
A home without a bed;
I’m self-contained and living
Alone inside my head.

I speak with voices captive,
That only I can hear,
That dwell within the recess
Behind the inner ear.
The ever-present presence
Of ghost and wraith alike
I’m never lost from comfort
From those that I dislike.

I travel where I’m thinking,
No planes or cars or trains;
No passport is required
And no confining chains.
I live in mobile housing,
A home without a bed;
I’m self-contained and living
Alone inside my head.

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