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Oso Sleeps

Fast asleep
And not a care;
No concerns,
He’s unaware.

A canine’s view
Of rabid dreamscapes,
Lost in fields
Of ether sun drapes.

There are no burdens
In his day;
No consciousness
Of life’s decay.

Contrasting lives
Of trial and measure,
A simple life
Of simple pleasure.

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Late Bloomer

Baby Bird

Late in the season
For a wee, little bird;
His life cycle off,
The seasons are blurred.

The fledglings of spring
Are heading on out
For the southerly climes
On an annual route.

While this little guy
With flutters will try
To meet the occasion –
With other birds fly.

He’s a month yet to grow –
Before it’s too late
And unable to go.

His parents shortsighted,
No troubles foresaw,
In circumstance trapped
By the luck of the draw.

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